In Vivo Adhesion Evaluation for Women’s Contraceptive Patch

In Vivo Adhesion Evaluation for Women’s Contraceptive Patch

Evolution. Expansion. Bridging. This is what we know. Our evolution into a leading full service pharmacology unit continues as we use our history in dermatology to cultivate and sharpen our skill set. Transferring this acquired knowledge and expertise, we developed and continuously refine our comprehensive TKL Approach. Expansion is inevitable when using our unique approach to tackle new areas of therapeutic focus. We build bridges for our sponsors by providing you with a seamless experience – start to finish.

Our 75 year trajectory has led us to where we are now, and the completion of a recent phase I study for Agile Therapeutics. For this study we evaluated the adhesion of a low-dose women’s contraceptive patch. The in vivo adhesion of Agile’s AG200-15 patch was compared to the only other woman’s contraceptive patch on the market in the USA – Xulane. The study was a success. The in vivo adhesion Agile’s AG200-15 patch was found to non-inferior to that of Xulane.

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